15 febrero 2010

Un pedacito de mi

Dear you,

I love connecting words to create nonsenses but magical stories. Uh...I study English at college, in Barcelona, and I love paradoxes and metaphors...I need them as the air I breathe.  I want to make a change in the world.
I'm a bit stupid, sometimes, but I'm feeling grand most of the time.
Hobbies, fetiches...you know, the normal ones. My fav authors are J.K.Rowling, Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf, John Keats , Angel Guimerà and Bécquer.
I also like watching bad tv series and realities. I drink a lot of Green tea and coffee in cute cafés in my city.
At weekends, I enjoy spending time and going out with my cool friends, going on walks with my dog and chatting to my parents, my lil brother and my grandpas.

 And finally, I've started with this piece of sky because I'm a big defensor of the Free Writing, in contraposition of the  Academic Writing, so this is a response to that writing I write for college.
Ah, I'm Mery.

With love,



2 comentarios:

  1. porque cada vez que te defines a ti misma me defines a mi también? casualidad? destino? rarez dulcemente encontrada? yo , personalmente me quedo con la ultima opción. un beso mery!

  2. Wapa! aquí estoy yo tu compi de ingles Sandra que se pasea por tu blog!
    un besito muy grande guapisima!