15 marzo 2014

What's life about?

Ho hey! It's Mery again, after a figurative and non-physical eternity I am returning to this piece of sky to think about nothing and all. You want to know what is that?
So, that's life.
Me in an artistic way. Just trying. Is it cool or is it horrible like
: hey this zombie face sucks?
Lately, I have been burning my head with the idea of doing what I want. That is easy to say but difficult to do. I know, I know.
What I am pretending to say is the obviousness and topic of you only live once. And it is a point to take into account, because if you do not do what you really like, your only life will be empty. And empty is a word that I actually hate. Yes, empty is nothing. And nothing is empty.
Focusing a bit, create your life, your moments, your stories, because if not, someone is going to do it for you.

In a more personal way, I am building my life with the furniture I want. I am studying a degree I love, I am growing new friendships and taking care of old ones, I am writing a -pretends-to-become-a-bestseller, and I have some interesting projects related with art...
So, it is not the idea of becoming a famous actress, or a too Skinny model, or a pop-star-crazy Singer (which is what everyone wants). But it is about being a little more ambitious and self-productive, and think what things you like to do and do them. Because someone (mum and dad in a red night) have given us a life, and that is a present that we have to complete by ourselves.

I let ( it go) you with my song of the month :)